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There is nothing that art cannot convey, as it is born of humankind’s creativity and skills.

The Art & Luxury Investments Fund project is shaped by the passion of its founders, a team of professionals with a strong background in the field who firmly believe that the management of an art fund should have an industrial drive, so that it can generate value through investment choices that are not about artists alone, but take into account a more complex, structured system.

Art & Luxury Investments Fund, comparable to a private equity fund, has focused its investing strategy on private companies that are leader in their field of art and luxury sector. One of them is a company managing one of the world’s largest collection of Dalì’s art. This investment, according to the management, is going to lead up to the creation of a hub for the art and luxury sector and will be the core of the fund project.

Our Principles.

The only thing the world will never have enough is exaggeration.

Our inspired management offers a safer alternative to wealth managers and their clients to invest in the art and luxury market.
Our pioneering management idea relies on existing companies that are able to deliver, from the start, high returns to investors.
A contemporary approach and a new point of view on the market allow our managers to seize the best investment opportunities available.

Art & Luxury Investments Fund.

Art & Luxury Investments Fund has developed an innovative and distinctive management strategy that makes this investment vehicle unique. The selection of assets is focused on target companies in the art and luxury sector – galleries, museums, security services, transporters, special packaging companies – existing entities with a consolidated history, which make it possible to create value for investors.

Art & Luxury Investments Fund SPL, SICAV – RAIF is an actual alternative for well informed, professional investors to invest in the art and luxury market, introducing a different, more “industrial” approach that seeks to maintain the characteristics of expected results and correlation with the above mentioned market, while making up for the usual inefficiencies of the sector with several key product features.

The performance is supported by a prudent evaluation of the underlying assets upon purchase – whether it be art companies, equity, bond or other financial instruments – always attended by a third party indipendent appraisal, by a conservative approach to investment in eligible assets, and by a strategic asset allocation.

The quanto analysis, diversification between several eligible assets, and creation of a high quality portfolio, in order to obtain an ideal allocation with medium-high appreciation in the medium-long term and low volatility, provide cover for underlying shortfalls and allow mitigation of volatility risk.

As a result, Art and Luxury Investments Fund offers an alternative way to invest in the growing asset class of art and luxury. An experienced private equity team is able to seek out the better target having favourable purchase terms with a medium-long term fast growth outlook. The strategic asset allocation is managed by a professional team that provides the basis for a potential performance of circa 9,80% p.a.

The investments in different types of eligible assets are made on a Buy & Hold basis: generate dividend on Private equity strategy and realize capital gains on equity stakes, receive interest on fixed income strategy, realize profit with an active management in the Financial investments strategy.

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