Category: Alternative Investments

Art & Luxury Investments Fund

Category: Alternative Investments

Art & Luxury Investments Fund

Art&Luxury Investments Fund is a RAIF (Reserved Alternative Investment Fund), which is a new kind of alternative investment products introduced by the Luxembourg Government with the July 23rd, 2016 law.

From a technical point of view, a RAIF combines features and structural flexibility of Luxembourg Specialized Investments Funds (SIF) with business investments in risk capital (SICAR).

CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) surveillance authority exercises indirect control through AIFM oversight (Alternative Investment Fund Manager).

Investment Committee

The investment committee consists of experts in the financial industry, asset management and the art world. The committee is able to limit conflictsinterests and identify the best investment opportunities with the support of primary art advisors.

Investment Advisor

AD S.r.l
Via Borgonuovo, 4
20121 Milano
Registration number: 0938250967
N.REA: MI-2123545

Investment Policy

  • Investments diversified in equity and financial instruments issued by entities active in art and luxury goods such as, but not limited to, UCITS, SICAR, Sif, RAIF, SPV, SPL, Soparfi;
  • Investments and trading of artworks
  • Companies active in the services for the appreciation of artistic heritage and third party artworks or in the ticketing from temporary and permanent exhibitions around the world;
  • Art-secured lending
  • Companies active in the business of advisory services of creation and management of third-party collections;

General Information

Category: Alternative investments


  • MSCI World 22%;
  • World REITs 3%;
  • Bloomberg Barclays Multiverse Index Hedge to Eur 15%;
  • Mei Moses Fine Art Index (Sotheby’s) 60%

Target return: 9.80% annual

ISIN: LU2069285141

Ticket Bloomberg: ARTNLUXLX

Domicile: Luxembourg

Legal State: RAIF

NAV (Net Asset Value) frequency: Six monthly

Lock Up: 12 months

Asset Manager: Bridgegate S.A

Administration center – Accounting – Domiciliation – NAV Calculation

89 E, Parc d’Activitès
L-8308 Capellen